Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playtime with Hannah

We went over to the Hargon's house last night for supper and Eli and Hannah spent lots of time playing together. It is so amazing to see how much these two have changed since they were born. It was definitely different than the first time these two met when Eli was only a week old. Hannah loved having someone her size to play with and Eli was quite enamored with Hannah. He's not around other kids, except for at church, so he had a blast playing with Hannah and watching Hannah's older brother and sister, Joshua and Marlie, play in the backyard. He almost jumped out of my arms because he got so excited.

Hannah is crawling everywhere-she keeps Dianie, her mom, on her toes!- and pulling up on everything! She had lots of toys that Eli doesn't have yet and he fell in love with her piano. I think we're going to have to get him one. He sat at that piano the entire time the adults ate supper and just played and played.

Little Miss Hannah

Eli and Hannah were so interested in each other.

Hannah showing Eli how to use her piano.

Mr. Piano Baby

Mozart in the making :)

After supper, Eli and Hannah decided they wanted to sit together at the table. Couldn't you just eat them up? Hannah was in a great mood that night as you can tell from all the smiles. She showed off her snazzy pink sunglasses and even shared them with Eli. She also shared her white hairbow with Eli. Josh and I had to admit that he makes a pretty cute little girl :)

We had a great time with the Hargon's! I'm so thankful for great friends! It's nice that our kids are going to get to grow up and have fun times like this throughout the years :)

Hannah and Eli

Miss Eli (??)
We'll use this as blackmail when he gets older :)


Heather said...

Awww, love the pictures of the two little ones together, isn't it so fun to watch them interact with other children? The hair bow ones...priceless! And you're right...great for blackmail later on!

The Glenn Gang said...

They both looks so much older than babies in these pictures. I love it!

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