Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

I've mentioned a few times lately how obsessed Eli is with Maggie. He loves nothing more than to sit in front of the french doors and look for her all throughout the day. At any point, you can say,"Eli, where's Maggie?" and he'll stop what he's doing and crawl over to the window to look for her. And Maggie usually obliges Eli and will always come and put her nose to the window to stare at him as well. It's a pretty cute thing to watch :) And it also helps us get him dressed (Grammy found that out). He'll get still and look for her so you can put clothes on him, which would otherwise be incredibly hard.

My doggie!

Looking for Mags

Still searching...

Smiling because he found her :)

Maggie loves to play ball, but will never relinquish it,
which makes playing ball quite hard.

Sitting and staring

I love my doggie!

1 comment:

The Glenn Gang said...

MAGS looks so different. I bet she is so much cooler!!!

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