Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things that Make Us Say, "NO!"

Eli has definitely been hearing a new word these days...."No!" It seems that he is intent on pulling up on every piece of sound equipment, yanking and biting every cord he can find, climbing anything and everything, and giving his Mama and Daddy lots and lots of gray hairs...ALREADY! Here are just a few pictures of our little monkey man in some of the recent places we have found him.

Playing with the air conditioner vent.
He likes the noise it makes when he drags his hands down it.

Perched on top of Josh's guitar case.
We should sit him in the guitar on a street corner, let Josh play the guitar,
and see how much money Eli can make off cuteness alone :)

Trapped under the laundry basket
(okay Daddy did have something to do with this one)

Cords! My favorite!

Oh, and there's a vent here, too!!!
It's my lucky day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are fortunate that Eli's scream fest was in the privacy of your car. We did take Brendan on a plane. He was fine as long as we had the DVD player on (Praise Baby)... but at one point there was too much turbulence to get it out. That was the end of peace for the rest of that flight. I was pretty much done with travel after that.

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