Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eli and Jonah

Monday afternoon, Eli and I went over to see Nicki and Jonah at their house. Jonah had gone to work with Nicki that day and they ended up getting the afternoon off, so we decided to go play. Jonah had just woken up from a short nap and watched Eli play with Max for a little bit. Then he came and joined us and was more than willing to share so many of his toys with Eli. Eli loved it because these were "big boy" toys that he had never gotten to play with before. Jonah was so sweet to let Eli play with his toys; he even showed him how to use some of them. What a good friend! It took Eli a little bit to get used to Max, their dog. He's quite a bit smaller than Maggie and lives inside the house, so I guess that threw him for a loop. After awhile though, I caught him trying to touch Max's ears and fur and "talking" to him. It was so sweet! After our play date, Jonah gave Eli and I a big hug. I could just eat that kid up :) He was my first practice baby before Eli and now he's all grown up on me; but no matter how big he gets, he'll always have a special place in my heart :)

Jonah went to get his blanket and Lammy to show Eli.
This was special treat because Lammy usually doesn't leave Jonah's bed.

Then Jonah topped Lammy by sharing his Peter Pan sword.
Eli was quite impressed.

The sword was bigger than he was!

Playing with Jonah's tools.
Maybe he'll be quite the handyman like his Pop.

It's Music Time!

Shaking the maracas...

Giving goodbye hugs :)


The Glenn Gang said...

LOVE IT! My post is coming soon. I have a few different pictures. Eli looks comfy holding that sword.

Anonymous said...

How sweet...my two favorite little boys in the whole world!!!

Penny said...

Hmmmm... I wonder who anonymous is?
Jonah (from yours and Nicki's blogs) seems like the sweetest almost 3 year old boy ever. I think he'd make a wonderful big brother. ;)
I love your pics on the post with Maggie! Eli is a doll! =)

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