Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eli's First Haircut

Most of you know that my child was born with a head full of dark brown hair. I remember the day he was born hoping and praying that he would have hair. I don't know why it concerned me so much because I would have loved him just as much if he had been bald headed! For 8 months, we have brushed, combed, washed, styled, and parted his hair into all sorts of hairdos. His hair has become so much a part of his little personality that you will hardly ever find my child in a hat because it makes him look like a completely different baby. Just recently, I really started to notice that Eli was in need of a haircut. He has wavy hair, thanks to me, and it's not very easy to style. (Sorry, kid, you'll have to spend a few minutes in front of the mirror when you get older and actually care about what you look like.) We lovingly referred to his normal "do" as the "Donald Trump comb over" because that's exactly what it looked like. There simply wasn't any other way we could style his hair. If you put it in a Mohawk, it curled. If you tried to comb it straight down, it got into his eyes. A haircut was definitely a must have!

While we were visiting my parents, Eli and I went to Cloud 9 for his first haircut. I had already scheduled an appointment on our way to Shreveport the day before, so Saturday morning we met my mom at Cloud 9 for Eli's first encounter with scissors. Did I have any fears, you might ask? I'll ask you a question in you know my child?! Have you ever read a post where I described him as a calm baby who loves nothing more than to sit in your lap and lounge? Of course, I was nervous! I knew that if his haircut came out looking even halfway decent, I would have TONS of respect for the stylist.

Fun Fact: Eli had his hair cut by the same girl that cut my hair when I was pregnant with Eli and donated it to Locks of Love back in April of 2008. I'm growing my hair out again, so I can donate it once more, but this really makes me want short hair again.

We arrived at Cloud 9 and took Eli's BEFORE picture with all his baby hair he's had since birth.


Crystal put a smock on me and then got a children's smock for Eli. She said the easiest thing for her would be for me to hold him in my lap while she cut his hair. Excuse me? Did you just say hold my child while you attempt to cut his hair? I told her we would definitely give it our best shot! There was no reason for my fears because Eli did so well. There was a gigantic mirror directly in front of us and he started at his reflection most of the time. Okay, so we're a little vain, but we can work on that! At least, his haircut turned out okay :)

Playing peek-a-boo with Ms. Crystal

Let the snipping begin!

Sitting like a big boy!

Getting some reassurance from Mommy

"You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you...."

Watching Ms. Crystal in the mirror

Still sitting like a big boy :)

I guess she took a little too much off the top.

Eli made Ms. Crystal really work for her money!
Here he is checking out the floor and yes, she kept right on cutting his hair!

Almost finished...trimming the back

Getting to use the big boy clippers
(I thought this would scare him to death, but it didn't!)

Admiring his new look :)

Much more polished and put together, don't you think?

Eli and Ms. Crystal

He wanted to keep the tip for himself.

Giving Ms. Crystal her money

Eli's First Haircut Certificate with the locks of his hair
Sniff, sniff :'( My baby is growing up!!!


The Glenn Gang said...

He beat Jonah by a month! Our first cut was at 9 months. Love his little hair cut. More and more reminders of how this baby boy is turning into a little boy. Hard to believe!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

So cute! I can only hope my future kids grow hair by high school haha, I was bald for years and Jeremy was really blonde and bald.

Penny said...

I love his haircut! He looks adorable! Love your glasses, too. Now you really look like a school teacher! =)

Sarah Bison Holland said...

Well I have two questions. One is where do you get the gerber throw away bibs and secondly where did you get the little certificate for his first haircut.. He is adorable...

Sarah Bison Holland

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