Monday, July 13, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

Last Thursday, we went over to Zue-Zue's house for dinner with Mammy and Uncle Clare. After we ate, Clare and Josh went outside to try and fix Sue's sprinkler system that wasn't working. Mammy grabbed Eli and they went outside to join in on the fun. My child obviously has that magical button that all little kids are born with that naturally attracts them to water because he LOVED playing in the sprinklers. Clare would pick him up to get him away from the water and Eli would crawl right back to it. He had a blast! Once again, this post has lots of pictures, but it's so hard to choose!!

Blurry, but I love his sweet smile.

Pure Joy!!

This one cracks me up :) This looks like a little kid
doing a fake smile because his Mommy wants to take a picture (again!).

Practicing his walking in the grass

1 comment:

The Glenn Gang said...

Looking at how Eli grabs those sprinklers, I'm pretty sure I know why they weren't working. HA!

He looks like he was having the time of his life!!!

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