Friday, July 3, 2009

Eli's Chompers

I told you awhile back that Eli was cutting all four top teeth at once (Yeah, you're envious of us right now, aren't you?) I realized the other day that I never took a picture of them, so here are our attempts to get a picture of our son's teeth. As you can see, it was easier said than done. He won't let you anywhere near his mouth these days, because now we're working on teeth #7 and #8 (the next two bottom teeth). Oh, happy happy joy joy! :)

Photographing Eli's Teeth-Take 1

No teeth at all

Photographing Eli's Teeth-Take 2

You can see two teeth. We made progress!

Photographing Eli's Teeth-Take 3

We had to turn him upside down, but here are his top four teeth.
He's going to have a full mouth of chompers before long!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

That first picture cracks me up!

Audra said...

Oh that poor baby! 4 at once must be awful! We're on number 8 right now...and ONLY number 8.

I dread the molars in a few months.

Penny said...

Just wait, as soon as those bottom two are in--- he'll be biting everything! If he's hurting, try teething tablets. They're all natural and to me they worked better than ora-jel. I've used them on the last two grandkids and just bought some for Leon. They sell them at Wal-Mart, but they're cheaper at the Market. (???) Anyway, they're hanging in a box above the bottles. They dissolve under the tongue, but I usually just rub them on their gums. You might not want to take that chance with your fingers! LOL

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