Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Little Monkey

Eli has this rocking chair that he used as an infant when he stayed at Mammy's house. Since he isn't going over there any longer, Josh went and picked up all his baby gear and brought it to our house for the time being (it'll eventually make it's way over to the new sitter's house). Last night after Eli's yummy supper of pureed broccoli and chicken, which you'll see remnants of on his face, he found this chair and decided he wanted in it. Josh and I were sitting at the table eating when I looked over and found him standing up in this chair trying to reach what was on our end table. I rushed down there and held him while Daddy took a picture.

"My very own step ladder!"

(Don't worry, no baby was harmed in the taking of these pictures. Mommy was standing by in every picture in case of a fall. Not that we want to encourage this behavior, but we had to document it!) After his first attempt, I decided to watch him climb in the chair again and document his progress in photos.

Step 1: Verify that your Mommy is watching you.
Give her a sweet smile and dust off your halo.

Step 2: Pull yourself to a standing position using the chair for support.
While holding on, carefully climb into the chair's more fun that way!

Step 3: Smile for the camera as you sit in the chair contemplating your next move.

Step 4: Smile for Daddy, who interrupted your contemplating...

Step 5: Slowly, so you don't worry your Mommy, begin to stand up backwards in the chair.
Make sure a BIG smile is plastered on your face so she knows you're having fun and that you're not scared in the least.

Step 6: Give Daddy an even bigger smile as you fully stand up and begin to bounce in the chair. Bounce just a few times, so Mommy's heart doesn't jump out of her chest!

As you can see, at the end of the photo op, the chair was turned over and he still decided to climb it. He also started pushing it around and walking behind it, so I guess one of those walking toys is in order now. He was so proud of his accomplishment, it was hard to get upset at him. The chair is still out, but we're going to teach our little monkey the proper way to sit in it. That should be fun! :)

"They might have turned the chair over, but I'll show them that I can still climb it!"

So sweet...

Still climbing and now using the dining room chairs for support.

Wow! The next couple of months should be VERY interesting in our house :)


Penny said...

You've got a daring (and darling) little boy on your hands. =)
Watch the bumper pads--- now that he's climbing, he'll be using them to step on to climb out of the crib! =(
My first one was as active as Eli. When she was 10 months old, I walked into the kitchen to find her sitting in the middle of the dining table happily dipping her fingers in the sugar bowl and licking them! Like she needed SUGAR!!! This was before blogs, so I didn't think to take a picture before I grabbed her off the table! LOL Around this age, she was also pulling my trash can over on top of her walker (back when walkers still had wheels) and finding "treasures." So, I do know how you feel keeping up with him! Thank God I was 20 then! My grands wear me out like Eli does Sue! LOL

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