Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming with Pop

Saturday night while Uncle Caleb and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie (REALLY LIKED IT!), Eli got to hang out with Pop, Grammy, Uncle David and all the fur children! I got back to Mom and Dad's house and Mom said that Eli had a blast swimming in the pool with Pop and Emily. Mom and Dad have this little fountain that floats around in the pool and Emily chased Eli with it and he loved it. He kept reaching his hand out to touch the water as it was spraying up in the air. He worked up quite an appetite after all that swimming and ate his supper by the pool again (that really made for easy clean-up when he was finished!). Mom and Uncle David took lots of videos of Eli at the pool that night. I'll try to put them on here in a separate post. In one of them he kept "talking" every time someone would say "Pop". I'm so glad Grammy and Pop got to enjoy some time with Eli :)

Trying to catch the fountain

Uncle David chillaxin' by the pool

Annabelle trying to help Eli with his float


The Glenn Gang said...

Jonah calls that "chillwaxen!"

Cute pics. I know your parents loved every minute!

Heather said...

Adorable pictures...I love his little island floatie!

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