Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Today Josh's side of the family gathered at his grandparent's house to celebrate the Fourth of July. We had such a great time celebrating our country's Independence Day and remembering all the men and women who have and are fighting bravely for our freedoms. What a great country we live in!

Before we went over there, I dressed Eli in his patriotic outfit for the day. Yesterday a friend from church brought me a huge sack full of clothes for Eli that her son had outgrown. I was excited to see this pair of overalls in there because I had been looking for a cute red, white, and blue outfit for Eli, but hadn't found anything. It was a 12 month, but it fit pretty well. I thought he looked quite patriotic today :) I had high hopes of getting a cute family picture, but it didn't happen. Eli and Daddy looked handsome together though :)

My two handsome boys :)

He's getting so big!

It's hard to believe that last year, this precious little guy, that has completely stolen my heart, was snug and warm inside my tummy. I have to say, even though I LOVED being pregnant, having Eli on the outside is so much better. Josh and I are so in love with him!

Fourth of July 2008
I thought I was HUGE in this picture. LOL! Funny how our perspective changes.
I ended up looking like Josh towards the end :)

One thing I love about family gatherings is the amount of food we always have at every meal. Eli decided baby food was for the birds and chose to eat some smoked sausage instead (JOKING!!!). It was SO good! Papaw, Josh, Tommy and Reggie (Josh's uncles) spent all morning smoking sausage and two or three chickens for our afternoon meal. And if that wasn't enough, Josh's mom, grandmother, and Aunt Lisa all cooked yummy side dishes-corn on the cob, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, broccoli salad and baked beans-to go with the meal. We ate and ate until we were so full we thought we were all going to pop!

Reggie tempting Eli with a piece of smoked sausage.
Eli's wondering where the bread is for his pig in a blanket.

The kitchen crew-Mamaw, Sue, and Lisa

Look at all that DELICIOUS food!

After the meal, Eli played on the floor for a little bit with his cousin, Jess. He was more than happy to let her help him walk around the go see everyone. As long as he's moving, he's a happy baby!

Eli walking with Jess

For dessert, we made homemade ice cream. Yummy! We have a rule in the family, that if you don't take a turn cranking the machine, you don't get to enjoy the ice cream. Everyone made sure to take their turn because they didn't want to pass up the delicious ice cream. Will, Jessie's boyfriend, was one of the last to take his turn, which meant he got the hard part. By then, all the girls had taken their turn (we were smart and cranked it when it was still runny).

He who does not turn the wheel, does not eat the ice cream. Family Rule # 3

Jess giving Will a little massage.
He was working so hard!

Will and Jess
(Jess, we gotta work on getting Will to pose right!)

Will and Jess

Arion and Jeff

Jess and Sarah enjoying the product of their hard work-yummy homemade ice cream topped with toasted pecans and caramel sauce.

I fixed a bowl of ice cream, but for some reason it didn't appeal to me today, so I opted for a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. I love those! Eli was more than happy to put his little lips to mine and get a taste. I think he's going to be a sweet lover like both of his parents :)

Sorry, Grammy, Mommy finally caved and let me have some ice cream, but it was that fat free stuff. We'll get the good stuff when I'm with you!

Do you think he enjoyed it?

After a busy day full of visiting with family, fun, and lots of yummy food, Eli was tuckered out! We had such a great time today. I can't wait to celebrate even more holidays with my little guy. He makes each one so much more special now :)

So tired from their busy day...


Beppa said...

The last picture is the best one!! What a cute pic of two tired guys! Gotta say, too, that the kitchen crew's pretty cute and three sweet ladies!

Penny said...

I agree with Beppa. The last picture is my favorite, too. They are so sweet together! =)

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