Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at Zue-Zue's House

The Saturday before Christmas we went over to Josh's mom's house to have our Christmas with her. Eli was so excited to open more presents (what kid isn't?). Sue cooked a yummy supper of shrimp and grits and then we had soapilla cheesecake for dessert. Yummy! Eli couldn't eat the shrimp and grits because they were too spicy, so he had his very own personal of his favorite things to eat! He knew he couldn't open any gifts until he had eaten all his food, so he made sure to eat every single bite! (That's how you bribe convince a non-eater to eat!)

After we ate, it was time to open gifts. Eli played Santa's little helper and passed out the gifts to each of us. He's getting better about recognizing our names and was able to hand the presents to the right people and only needed a little bit of help from me.

His first present to open was from Mr. Art and Mrs. Vera. She always gives Eli really neat presents and this year was no different. He got a balloon animal kit and immediately wanted to make some balloon animals! 

I ended up doing most of the work and to start my balloon animal making career I made...a fish. Don't be jealous of my skills :) By the end of the night though, I was able to make a dog though and it actually looked the way it was supposed to. Maybe I'll have another hobby soon!

Mrs. Vera also gave him some really cool holiday glasses that made all the lights on a Christmas tree look like snowmen. Eli really got a kick out of that! 

Daddy tested them out, too!

Then it was time for presents from Zue-Zue! Can you tell my child has been trained when it comes to taking pictures? HAHA!

He opened the LeapPad case first and then made it his mission to find the LeapPad that went with it. 


Daddy used his new headlamp from Zue-Zue to help Eli open it so he could start playing it right away.

I got some new coffee mugs, which I LOVE!

Sue got some, too!

Eli got the game Operation. It was one of the games he asked for, but Josh and I have discovered that it's a lot harder than the one we played when we were kids. The buzzer is extra sensitive and the pieces are almost impossible to get out, so we usually just play it with the buzzer off. It's still great for Eli's fine motor skills though.

Eli also got Pop the Pig. He loved it and we've played it a lot already!

I got a brand new crock pot. My old one lasted me 11 years and it finally bit the dust. I desperately needed a new one. I was very excited!

Josh asked for me to not take pictures of every gift he got so that's why there aren't very many of him, but he loved all his gifts from his mom, especially the Apple TV she gave him. That's probably one of his favorite gifts this year.

One of Sue's favorites gifts is probably this calendar Eli gave her. Now she can look at her little boo-boo everyday at work :)

It was a great Christmas with Josh's mom! Sue, thank you for all our presents, but more importantly thanks for all you do for our little family. We love you so much!

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