Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visiting Santa-2012

While we were in town for Thanksgiving, we all went to the mall so Eli and Tinsley could see Santa. This was the first year that I can recall Eli actually being excited about seeing Santa Claus. His first Christmas with Santa he was too small to know what was going on. I put this picture out every Christmas and love it. My sweet little man just wanted to go to sleep in Santa's lap :)

Eli's 1st Christmas

His second Christmas Eli was not excited about Santa at all! In fact, he was TERRIFIED of him! Santa visited us at church and Eli didn't want to go anywhere near him. Because of that we didn't even try to go see Santa Eli's third Christmas. I didn't want to torture my kid. 

Eli's 2nd Christmas

Last year, Santa visited Eli at his school and Eli was very happy to see him. He sat in Santa's lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas. I remember he got down off of Santa's lap and told me "I was berry bwave, Mommy!"

Eli's 4th Christmas

This year Eli was very excited about going to see Santa. He kept telling me he couldn't wait because he was so ready to tell Santa the three gifts he wanted him to bring him. Most of you know about the "Three Gifts" we do, but if you don't here's a quick explanation. My best friend, Nicki, started it with her oldest after her pediatrician suggested it to her on one of his well visits and has kept it up ever since. When Eli was born, Nicki suggested it to us and our pediatrician (same one) suggested doing it and we've done it ever since. I LOVE IT! Christmas morning Santa brings three gifts to the kids because after Jesus had been born the wise men brought Jesus three gifts. It's a great way to remind your kids about the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Christmas morning when they wake up you use the three gifts illustration to tell them the Christmas story. It's a great tradition!

Friday after Thanksgiving we all loaded up and headed to the mall to go see Santa. I thought there was going to be a huge line to see Santa, but no one was there. We were able to walk right up and Eli went straight to Santa. I went fully expecting to have to pay for a photo session, but they allowed me to stand and take pictures with my own camera. SCORE! I tooks TONS of pictures. I was so happy they let me do this!

I'm sure Santa had no clue what Eli was saying he wanted for Christmas because he usually mumbles when he tells you, but he acted like he knew every single word. Good job, Santa!

Eli's 5th Christmas

After Eli had his turn it was time for Tinsley's first visit with Santa. Little miss thing was not scared at all. She sat there and smiled and looked cute for everyone who passed by.

Eli came back up to Santa so we could get a few pictures of the two of them with Santa together and then it was time to go. Santa gave them both a coloring book and a reindeer hat before they left.

I know two little kids who are going to be very excited when Santa comes to visit them Christmas Eve night. I'm sure he's going to give them exactly what they asked for, too, because they're two of the sweetest kids I've ever known :) 

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