Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eli's Christmas Program at School

This year Eli's school combined Grandparents' Day and all their Christmas programs so parents and grandparents wouldn't have to plan around two different special days. I'm so glad they did it this way! My parents had just moved into their new house (more on that later!) so they weren't able to come, but Josh's mom was able to make it. Eli was so happy that Zue-Zue was there! 

A couple of weeks before, Eli's teachers sent home a note letting us know what part each child had in their Christmas program. Their theme was "A Rocking Christmas" and each kid was going to be part of a different musical genre of Christmas music. They had classical (think Nutcracker), punk rock, hard rock, country, Spanish, and traditional. Each group got up when it was their turn and rocked out to the music that played.

Eli was part of the hard rock group so he had to dress like a rock star. Now my child is very much into the status quo. He is just like I was when I was little. He doesn't like to go against the grain and if it's a special day at school where he can wear different clothes he stresses about it until he gets to school and sees that other kids are wearing regular clothes as well. His teacher told him that he could dress like his Mommy did when she was a rock star back at the beginning of school (when I was channeling KISS) but Eli was not into that at all! He wasn't even excited about getting a mohawk until Josh talked it up enough. The day of the play he agreed to a mohawk and that was it. He wasn't excited about wearing regular clothes and was not really feeling great to be honest. He had just gotten over a little bug and so he might have still been a little tired from that. 

He did get very excited when he got to school though and saw all his other friends dressed up. We made our way to the gym and waited for the program to start. The Nutcracker ballerinas were up first and they were precious! Then it was time for Eli's group.

Smiling at me from his place on the stage...cutie patootie!

Other than playing the guitar left handed, my little rocker did great! He even scrunched up his nose and really rocked out on that guitar! I was proud!

The next group of kids danced a little number to Feliz Navidad.

Hannah was in the next group. They were punk rockers and they were hilarious! I couldn't get a picture of Hannah because she was too far away from me, but she was so cute!

Then we had the 50's crew. Josh's assistant Reve's little boy, Scott, was in this scene. He was so handsome!

Scott is the blonde on the far right :)

The cowboys and cowgirls were next.

Then came Santa and all his reindeer.

They ended their program singing "Silent Night" and reminding everyone that the true reason we celebrate Christmas is Jesus' birth. The manger scene was so sweet.

We were so proud of our little rocker! Before we left to go back to work Daddy got a picture with Eli. He and all the other kids in his class did a great job!

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