Friday, December 28, 2012

Eli's School Christmas Party

My school dismissed for the Christmas holidays Thursday, December 20th, but Eli's school didn't get out until Friday the 21st. I'm glad it happened the way it did because I was able to help out at his Christmas party on the last day. Paige, his teacher, called and asked if I'd help her with the craft during the party and we quickly came up with a simple and cute craft to do. I love how Paige does her parties because the kids still do their normal center routine just like they do any other day. If you know anything school kids then you know that holidays, parties, or anything out of the ordinary makes them go CRAZY! By keeping the same centers routine, Paige was keeping a certain order to their little lives. It worked out great! 

Since I was helping out with the craft center I didn't get to follow him around to each center and take pictures, but I did peep in every now and then to see what he was doing. They had four centers-one where they got to eat all their Christmas food, one where they made Christmas trees out of sugar cones, one where they used beads to make Christmas necklaces using a pattern, and then my center where they did a craft. Last year his class did Christmas tree handprints on the red plastic chargers. This year we did the same thing, but I gave the kids the option of doing a Christmas tree or a reindeer. Here's a picture of Eli's charger after it was finished. I love any kind of craft that involves a handprint or a footprint! 

Days leading up to his last day of school, Eli and I worked on his gifts to his friends. This year, since I've gone burlap crazy, we made burlap gingerbread men for all his friends. I thought they turned out so cute! We wrote "From Eli Wilson-2012" on the back of each one so his friends would remember when they got it. 

After all the kids had been to each center, they all went to sit on their carpet square so they could do their gift exchange. This year the kids exchanged names and they had to get each other a Christmas book. Paige had each kid hand their gift to their friend, give them a hug, and tell them "Merry Christmas". It was so sweet!

Miss Hannah looking all cutesy!

It doesn't look like it, but Eli really did love the book he got!

One of the moms reading Hannah's book to her.

Eli and Mrs. Paige
We are going to miss her so much next year when he goes to PreK-4!!

Eli and some of his friends at school

Eli and Hannah

After the party Eli gave me my Christmas gift-all the ornaments he worked on in his class. I loved each and every one of them so much! I couldn't wait to get home to hang them on my tree!

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