Friday, April 25, 2014

Around the Yard-Spring Edition

Back in November I planted my fall flowers, which usually consist of pansies, snapdragons, cabbage, and kale. I've never planted snapdragons before but I knew that they were one of the flowers you were supposed to plant in the fall/winter. All winter long I waited for my snapdragons to bloom and nothing happened. They grew outward but never produced a single bloom. I was really confused and thought I'd gotten some duds. Then all of sudden, one day in April I noticed that all my snapdragons were loaded down with blooms. What in the world? Over the next two days, my yard came alive with color. It was so beautiful! I asked around and found out that you plant snapdragons in the fall and they don't bloom until the spring. Well, now I know :) Next year I'll be looking forward to getting lots of different colors of snapdragons now that I know what they're supposed to do! 

The heat is starting to get to my pretty winter pansies and snapdragons now, so it's not going to be long before these are all replaced with my summer annuals. I'm so ready to get my hands in the dirt and plant some new flowers! Spring has definitely sprung in the Wilson's yard :)

1 comment:

Louisiana Bride said...

Looks great! I love your landscaping:)

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