Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Sunday-2014

We woke up the next morning and found that the Easter Bunny had left Eli some yummy treats while we were sleeping. Eli was most excited about the five jellybean and money filled golden eggs and the newest Pete the Cat book. He told me he wanted the book when his school had their book fair and me being the bad mom forgot to send money for him to get it. Luckily, the Easter Bunny knew he wanted it and left it for him ;) Whew! The Easter Bunny also brought him a new toothbrush, flossers, body wash, a chocolate bunny, and lots of candy. Eli was very happy :) 

After a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls shaped like bunnies, we all got ready for church. Eli has been coming to big church with us for about a month now and I'm very proud of how well he behaves there. The first couple of times was a real test in patience for us, but we persisted and now Eli does great. I love that we can worship as a family now :) I also love that it prompts conversations for us to have about the Bible and about Jesus. Eli is so full of questions right now, so I loved that I was able to explain what was going on in the Easter drama our choir presented. Eli was also able to follow the Easter story along in his Bible. 

When we got home for church, Josh and Eli knew that I was going to want the obligatory Easter picture of us in our pretty clothes. Lucky for me, they also both knew to suck it up and just do it right so it could be over quickly :) I was so happy with our pictures. I love both of my boys so much! I also have to say "Thank You" to Josh's Aunt Lisa. She mailed Eli this shirt and it worked perfectly with the color scheme I envisioned for our Easter clothes. Thanks!

When pictures were over, we headed to Josh's Mamaw's house for Easter lunch. We had ham, potato salad, sweet potatoes, beans, and so much more. The food was all so delicious! After our bellies were full, Eli and Addi were ready to go hunt Easter Eggs. Jordan and I went to hide them and then these two cuties were more than ready to find them. 

GraceAnn wasn't able to find any eggs this year, but she will be ready next year for sure!

It was so nice to spend time with family outside in the beautiful weather. It was such a perfect day!

We had such a fabulous Easter and the rest of the week was going to be even better because it was finally time for my SPRING BREAK! Hip, hip, hooray!!!

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