Friday, April 25, 2014

Everett's 1st Birthday

A couple weekends ago, my cousin C.J.'s little boy, Everett, celebrated his first birthday and we were able to go celebrate with him. C.J. and his wife, Becca, moved here back in the fall. We went to Everett's baptism and now we were so excited about being there to celebrate his first birthday as well. Josh, Andrea, and Tinsley couldn't make it to the party, but my mom and dad were able to come. Becca said she threw the party together kind of late, but it was so awesome. I wish I could throw a party together late and it still look as fabulous as this one! It was a bubble themed first birthday party and it was so fun. They had a bubble machine and all kinds of bubble stations. Eli and my dad really enjoyed using the hula hoop to make huge bubbles! 

Everett is such a laid back baby. He was so cute in his little hat and seersucker outfit. 

Becca said that she really didn't want to make a cake since it was a morning birthday party, so Everett had a birthday cake tower of doughnuts. She said he loves bread so it was perfect for him :) Once again, such a cute idea I never even thought of before! 

Grammy soaks up every chance she gets to see Eli. 
He was so excited to see her and Pop again! 

We had a blast helping Everett celebrate turning one. Happy Birthday, little guy! Thanks for inviting us to your super fun first birthday party!

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