Friday, April 25, 2014

Eli's First Season of Tee Ball

Take me out to the ballgame! Another season of baseball has started and so far we are having a blast! This is Eli's first year to play Tee Ball (last year they called it Wee Ball) and if there is one thing that is my favorite it's definitely the uniforms. He looks like a real actual baseball player with his cute little pants, belt, and socks. I LOVE it all!

With tee ball season starting in April, there's always a chance of games being rained out. The day before Eli's opening game, we had a really bad storm and they ended up calling off the games because the fields were too wet. We were still able to take team pictures though. 

The weather ended up raining out three more of Eli's games over the next two weeks  (it's been a really wet April so far!), but we were FINALLY able to play our first game. Eli was so excited! 

He's doing so much better this year all around. His batting is better and so is his fielding. He's paying attention and really trying hard to do what his coaches tell him to do. I'm so proud of him!

I love watching these two bond over something they both love. 

My favorite part is always at the end. Coach Chris and Coach Adam always have a little team meeting to encourage the boys and to pray. I love how they're really teaching these boys what it means to be on a team and how to support each other. I can't wait for more games! 

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