Monday, April 28, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs-2014

As soon as I got back from The Color Run and I had de-colored myself (haha), it was time to slip into Easter mode. We were going to be with Josh's family this year, so the next day we were all going to get together at his Mamaw's house for Easter lunch. I quickly cooked my two food contributions to the lunch...The Pioneer Woman's "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake" and her "Perfect Potato Salad". You really need to click on those links and make those recipes the first chance you get..especially that cake! It's one of my top 3 favorite cakes and I don't even like cake! 

While those two things were cooking, I quickly boiled a dozen eggs. When they had cooled down, it was time to start the dyeing process :) Eli couldn't wait!

Josh's mom, Sue, happened to come over while we were getting everything ready and when I looked up to take a picture of them Sue and Eli already had their hands like this. I made Josh put his up too and then my picture was glad they put up with me and my obsessive picture taking. 

Eli had such a fun time dyeing Easter eggs and before we knew it, they were all colored and ready for  the next day. Josh was already dreaming of the deviled eggs he was going to be able to make with all these dyed Easter eggs!

Once the eggs were complete, Eli got ready for bed and then we finished up the last of the eggs in his pack of Resurrection Eggs. We started on Palm Sunday and did one or two eggs every night. This has been one of our traditions now for three years and it's one of my favorite things we do. I love that it really drives home the truth of Easter and how we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead all the while doing it on a kid's level. At the end, Eli was able to retell the story in his own words and it was so special to hear :) I love that it's helping to build such a strong foundation for him. After we finished the eggs and read the Bible, it was prayers and then lights out. We were going to have a big day celebrating Jesus' resurrection on Sunday and we couldn't wait! 

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