Friday, April 25, 2014

Second Annual Easter Trip to Build-a-Bear

This year for Easter was going to be spent with Josh's family, (we try to alternate who we spend Easter with each year to be fair), but since Eli and I were out of school for Good Friday, he and I made a quick trip to go see my parents before Easter Sunday. I also needed to be closer down south because I had signed up to run the Color Run in Baton Rouge the Saturday before Easter with some friends. Eli and I left after school Thursday and got to my parents house that night. The next morning my dad had to go to work, but my mom didn't. We called Josh and Andrea to see what their plans were for the day and they were free. We decided to meet up with them for lunch and then take the kids to Build-a-Bear so they could build their Easter friend like they did last year. 

Eli and Tinsley love each other so much. It makes me happy to see them together :) 
He insisted on riding with Tinsley to go eat lunch and then to the mall. 

After lunch, it was time for Build-a-Bear! Tinsley still doesn't really care about Build-a-Bear, so Andrea helped her pick out a sweet little lamb for her to build this year. 

Eli could work at Build-a-Bear he's made so many friends, so as soon as we entered the store, he started looking through all the available friends and picked out this shaggy puppy dog. 

I guess it wasn't exactly what he wanted because a few minutes later, he showed me this puppy. He had changed his mind and wanted a dog that looked like our dog, Maggie. 

He picked out the sound he wanted and then brought it to the Build-a-Bear worker. Now it was time to stuff Maggie. He asked the worker if she would write Maggie's name on the collar for him and she said of course. He has no problem asking questions :) He even helped her spell Maggie's name. 

Putting Maggie's heart in.

After Maggie was stuffed to Eli's satisfaction, it was time for Tinsley to stuff her lamb. She had picked out a sound device that played, "Happy Birthday". The worked asked if it was her birthday and we said, "No, she just liked the song." Haha! Her daddy started helping her with the foot pedal, but Tinsley caught on quickly and wanted to do it herself. 

While Tinsley was stuffing her lamb, Eli had already started giving Maggie a bath.  Tinsley brought her lamb over and Eli showed her how to wash her and get her clean. 

The next part was printing their new friends' birth certificates. Somewhere between the bath and the computer, Tinsley found this little hair dryer and wouldn't give it up. One way or another, she was leaving with that hair dryer :)

Eli and Maggie

Thank you, Grammy and Pop, for another fun Build-a-Bear experience! Eli always has a blast and now so does Tinsley! Next year, it's going to be even more fun because Jameson will be with us! I love creating fun, new traditions :)

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