Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eli's Spring Break

Eli's school had a different spring break than my school, so he went to spend the week with Grammy and Pop. It's a win-win situation for all of us. I don't have to pay someone to watch Eli for a week and he gets to have the time of his life with his Grammy and Pop. This year was even better because for the first two days of his spring break week, he got to go see his Mammy as well. He had so much fun everywhere he went! 

By the time the weekend came, I was ready to see my little man again. Instead of meeting my parents halfway like I usually do, I went ahead and drove all the way so I could visit with my family as well. I met Mom, Dad, Eli, and Tinsley at Jason's Deli to eat lunch and about died when Eli walked in. He has his Pop's sense of fashion, which means he has NO sense of fashion whatsoever. He decided to dress himself that morning and chose a Batman long-sleeved t-shirt, blue comfy pants, his Van's slip on shoes that look like checkerboard, and to top it off he wore his cowboy belt engraved with his name on it. Whoa! I looked at my mom when I saw him and said, "Really???" Then just laughed it off. He is who he is and he was rocking his crazy look. These are the little things I'll always remember :) It's also provides lots of great embarrassment opportunities for when he's older :) 

Tinsley was cute as ever at the restaurant :)

After we ate lunch, Eli and my dad bought some new figurines for the Infinity and then we headed over to Josh and Andrea's. Eli made himself content in Tinsley's Minnie Mouse ball pit. 

Eli and Tinsley were having a great time playing until Andrea decided to show my mom the new shorts she bought for Tinsley. Tinsley wasn't having it and decided to let everyone know exactly how she felt about having to stop playing to try on clothes. She can throw quite the tantrum :)

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, visiting with my family, and relaxing. Before we left to go home Sunday, we went to eat altogether one last time. I snapped this picture of Eli with my mom and dad. He ADORES his Grammy and Pop and I am so very thankful that we live close to them. Thank you both for keeping him during his spring break! He had a blast!

This is always a good indicator of how great of a week Eli had. Before we even got out of the city, he was snoozing away. It was definitely a great spring break week for my little man! 

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