Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another FIRST...SNOW!

**This is a backtracking post for those of you that read the blog regularly. I wrote the post a few days after the event took place, but never posted it.

I never thought Eli would get to see his first snow in Louisiana, but last weekend he was able to see snow for the FIRST time! I was almost positive we were going to have to take him to Colorado on a skiing trip for this "first". Friday night it started snowing, so we all bundled up and ran outside real quick to get a picture of Eli watching it snow. He didn't really care much about the snow, but he did hold his hands out a little to try to catch some snowflakes. He really enjoyed the fact that he got to be outside for a few minutes even though it was snowing. He LOVES LOVES LOVES being outside!

Saturday morning we woke up to a white winter wonderland (nothing compared to the snow in Colorado, but it was pretty nice for Louisiana!). We bundled Eli in his hat, mittens, and coat and let him got outside for a few minutes to play in the snow. All the leaves from our gingko tree had fallen during the night because they were so heavy with ice, so the ground was covered in golden leaves; a few even made their way onto Eli's bottom!

We had so much fun getting to experience another first with Eli! Hope there are many more to come!

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