Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip-Part Three

Wednesday we left Grandpa E's house and headed east to go visit Grammy and Pop, but before we left we met Uncle Ian at Chili's for some lunch. Eli was feeling much better (it's amazing what antibiotics and Tylenol can do!) and was so good at the restaurant.

Eli's latest accomplishment that we actually discovered he could do on his birthday is drinking from a straw. We gave him a juice pack at his party and lo and behold he drank from it! Juice boxes proved to be easier for him to handle on this trip than sippy cups so we used those instead. Eli got to order off the kid's menu again (I think Mommy enjoys it more than he does!). We ordered macaroni and cheese and mandarin oranges for him. He didn't want to eat it at first, but then realized just how yummy it was.

I convinced the boys to let me get one picture of the four of them together. The last time there was a Wilson men photo, it was just Ed, Josh and Ian. Now we've added one more little man :)

We went back to Grandpa E's house to get our things and take a few more pictures. Daddy wasn't entirely thrilled over the pictures, but he still put on his smiley face for us. Eli had fun playing in the yard and it was a great way to tire him out before our trip to Grammy and Pop's house. Dallas traffic was not going to be fun, so we needed him to sleep!

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The Glenn Gang said...

Way to go Eli with the straw. I think Jonah was almost 3 before he got it! HA! Someone recently told me a juice box is the easiest way for them to learn because it comes out so easily and has a short straw. So wish I would have thought of that. Between Eli's mad skills with a ball and his straw, he's gonna make Jonah feel bad! :-)

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