Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

A couple weeks ago, our church had a special Christmas dinner for all the families in our church. It was such a special time for us to all sit down and get to fellowship with each other, eat great food, and make lots of special Christmas memories. Eli used to be a great "real food" eater, but lately he has started to get really finicky. One day, he likes macaroni and cheese, the next he hates it. One day, he hates meat, and the next day he loves it. I thought though with all the many choices of food at the church potluck, I wouldn't have a problem finding at least one thing he'd like to eat, but he proved me wrong again. He didn't eat anything I offered him, but when Molly (his new BFF) offered the exact same food to him, he gobbled it up! I asked Dara if I could borrow Molly for every meal at our house, but I don't think that's possible. It was so cute though to see Eli eating from Molly! He even grabbed the fork from her and fed her a couple bites.

Open wide, Eli!

After the meal, all the kids and adults in our church got a visit from someone very special...Santa Claus! All the kids lined up to see Santa, so Eli and I and Dara and Molly got in line to wait our turn. Eli went first and this time was definitely different than our Santa experience last year. Remember this? Yeah, not impressed with Santa at all last year.

This year was a completely different story though. The moment we got within reaching distance of Santa, Eli locked his legs around my waist as tight as he could. He was not going to go to Santa without a fight! I managed to pry him off me for a quick picture and, as you can tell, he was traumatized. Poor thing! If you think this is bad, look at the ones of Molly with Santa. She was just as terrified as Eli if not more! Oh well, maybe in a few years, Santa will be someone Eli is excited to see rather than scared to pieces like this year.

1st try with Santa...Scared to death! Poor baby!

Molly HATED it, too!

Second try with Santa...still isn't happening!

Zue-Zue and Santa

Much better now that Santa is nowhere near him!

After dinner was over, Molly and Eli played around the gym while Josh and Whest, Molly's dad, and other men from the church put away all the tables and chairs. I LOVE watching Eli and Molly play together. I am so thankful for Dara and Molly. I'm so glad that Eli gets to spend his days with them. After watching Molly and him play, I know it's lots of fun with them during the day!

Happy to have his "bawl" (ball)

Look at that arm! Go, Molly!

I love watching these two play! They're so great together!

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Audra said...

Looks like Eli & Drew felt the same way about the jolly, red suited guy! Maybe in a few years...

Oh and Drew does the same way with food. He's FINALLY (at 17 months) back to eating with some regularity!

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