Sunday, December 27, 2009

Backtracking: Christmas with the Chandler's

A couple weekends ago, Josh's side of the family got together at his grandmother's house for Christmas. It was so much fun getting to see everyone under the same roof at the same time. The excitement of the night was getting to play Cajun Christmas with the family. There were some big surprises, but thanks to some merciful family members, everyone ended up with something they liked. Here are some pictures from our great time together!

Prego cousins!
Jordan's having a girl, Addison, in May.
Jessie's having a boy, name to be decided, also in May.
We're so excited!

Josh trying to fit in with the prego cousins :)

Eli got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stool

And a Little People Lego school bus

Jessie and her hubby, Will

Josh showing how he can fake a smile. Good job, babe!

Brian and his girl, Carol-Anne

Jessie and her Daddy

Me and Jess

Eli's favorite place at Mamaw's house...the closet full of toys!

Getting clothes for lil' baby Blackard!

Sweet lil' outfit for Addison :)

Peyton helping Jess unwrap her present for Baby B

Playing Cajun Christmas

You never know what you might end up with, as Reggie found out that night!

Sue also was surprised by her gift

Carol-Anne got a gift card to Pier 1!

Eli gave Peyton a puzzle

Peyton gave Eli a miniature golf set.

Josh was happy with his gift

I was too! I hid mine, so nobody would see it :) He he! It worked, too!

Peyton and Eli playing with Peyton's new puzzle

Eli really liked Reggie's flashlight he ended up with that night!

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