Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip-Part Four

We made it to Grammy and Pop's house late Wednesday night. Traffic on the interstate was HORRIBLE! Seriously, I think my husband was about to go insane with all the drivers that were clogging up both lanes of traffic. We finally made it and went to bed immediately. We were so tired!

Thursday morning, Eli and I got up early to help Pop in the kitchen and then it was time for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I seriously cannot imagine a Thanksgiving without this parade. It has been a part of every Thanksgiving as far back as I can remember. I love watching it so Eli and I settled down to watch it together. Unfortunately, the parade started around the time Eli takes his first nap of the day, so we made it through a couple of floats before he was snoring away. I got to cuddle him while the parade was going on though and that served as a great reminder of one of the things for which I am so very very thankful.

After his short nap, he managed to make it through the rest of the parade awake. Mom pulled out my old rocking chair, which was passed down to me from her, for Eli to sit in for the rest of the parade. He loved sitting in it and every time Grammy would say, "Rock the baby," he would rock back and forth with a huge smile on his face.

After the parade was over, Pop, Daddy, and Uncle Caleb went down to Grandma Nelda's house and got my cousin Emily's old swing set and brought it down to their house for Eli. It was kind of cold so we bundled Eli up and went outside.

He had so much fun swinging! He didn't want to come in. Josh, Uncle Caleb, and I left to go to the movies to feed my Twilight: New Moon obsession and Eli stayed with Grammy and Pop to swing and have fun. I don't think he missed us one minute! :)

When we got back from the movies, Eli took another nap and then when he woke up it was time for Thanksgiving dinner! My Uncle David, Aunt Stephanie and their kids, Katherine, Samantha, and Emily, drove in from Texas to stay a couple of days and to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us. Eli immediately attached himself to Emily and the two of them had a wonderful time playing together.

Eli started to get a little fussy, so right before dinner, Pop took him outside again to swing. That made him feel better instantly!

Thanksgiving dinner was so much fun. It was so great to be home and to be with my family. The food was wonderful and we had a great time together.

Eli ate so well and even tried turkey for the first time. We let him try a turkey leg and he was a little hesitant at first, but then he chowed down! It was like watching a cave man eat! He LOVED it! Oh, what fun memories!

Look at that mouth!

All our yummy yummy food!

The dessert buffet

It was my Uncle David's birthday, so my grandmother made him a special birthday pecan pie. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to him and that confused Eli just a little bit. I guess he was having flashbacks from his birthday party.

Eli couldn't have pecan pie, so I let him have a tiny piece of cheesecake. He's just like his Momma and gobbled it all up! What can I say? I've never met a cheesecake I didn't like. :)

We had such a busy day and Eli crashed early. We had to leave the next morning, but knew we were going to do a little bit of shopping, so when they got up, Pop and Eli checked out the Black Friday sales papers. It looks like they found something nice at Best Buy! I guess we'll just have to wait until Santa Claus comes to see if there's anything special from Best Buy under the tree.

It was a fabulous week of traveling, family, friends, good food, great memories, and lots of fun! I'm so thankful that we were able to visit with so many members of our family and get to spend Thanksgiving with them. God has blessed our lives so much!
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