Friday, December 11, 2009


Eli has learned to say "Cheese!" and it's so cute! He mostly says, "Eeez!" but you clearly know what he's trying to say. I guess I've rubbed off on him since I'm always taking pictures. Plus, cheese is one of his favorite things to eat these days! He may not eat a full meal during the day sometimes, but you can always count on him eating his cheese when it's given to him.

He got mad at me because I wouldn't let him have my new camera, so I found an old one that bit the dust and gave it to him. See the one of him holding it above his head? He's in the middle of saying, "Cheese!" in that picture. I love this stage because he is learning SO much! It's so much fun!

Checking out his new shoes from Old Navy. These are my favorite!

Mad because Mommy took her camera away...

Showing off his new camera


Like his Mr. Potato shirt? Josh got that for him from Old Navy and I think it's so cute.
We both love shopping for Eli!


The Glenn Gang said...

I almost bought that same shirt for Jonah but they didn't have his size. Did you see all the vintage shirts they have? SO cute!

cheryl & dave w. said...

adorable pics of him..such a big boy! how funny that brody's favorite food is cheese, and that it (and yogurt most of the time) is his ONLY go-to food when he won't eat anything else!! is eli still picky these days? brody is and i am sad because he used to be such a good eater. oh well. maybe one day he will be again! we love shopping for brody, too! and i LOVED those vintage shirts from ON as well!

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