Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Musical

After the Christmas parade, we went to Mamaw Chandler's house to eat and then got ready for the Christmas musical at church (Can you tell it was a VERY BUSY Sunday?) Last year, the Christmas musical was his very first outing to church. He was only a month old then. Look at how much he has changed in one year!
One Year Ago

One Year Later

This year was a completely different experience for all of us. The musical was in our beautiful new sanctuary, Zue-Zue couldn't sing because she'd just had surgery, and Eli wasn't as still and quiet as he was the first year. We tried our best to stay in the sanctuary with him (they didn't have a nursery that night), but it was pointless. You can't stop the sun from shining and you can't stop Eli from moving and squirming! Shortly after he spotted, Dara (his new babysitter) in the choir and proceeded to make a beeline up the aisle towards her, Josh and Eli left and went to experience the rest of the musical in the lobby. I stayed in the sanctuary to try to finish it, but by then it was past Eli's bedtime and after his busy day, he needed his sleep. Our choir did a great job though reminding us all of the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas...JESUS!

This was the last picture I snapped before Josh and Zue-Zue gave me "the look". What?
I HAVE TO document these events, you know!

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