Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eli's Pal Scout

One of the gifts Eli got for his first birthday was a LeapFrog dog named Scout from the Anderson's. It is one of the neatest gifts I've ever seen! Scout comes with a USB port so you can connect him to your computer, go to LeapFrog's website, and personalize him for your child. It took me awhile to get it figured out, but once I did I was able to personalize it for Eli. He now says, "Hi, Eli!" every time you turn him on, he knows that Eli's favorite food is bananas, and that his favorite animal is a polar bear, and that his favorite color is green (I didn't know what to pick for his favorite color, so I went with green since Scout, the dog, is green.) Eli loves playing with Scout and quickly learned how to make him "talk" by pressing his paws. It's fun to get gifts like this that can grow with your child. Thanks, Anderson Family!

Going to get Scout

Pressing Scout's paw to make him sing

Giving Scout some sugar

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cheryl & dave w. said...

brody LOVES his scout, too!! in fact, just tonight before bed he was playing with him. he got it for his birthday, also, and gives him kisses and hugs, too. i really think it's an awesome toy!! the funniest thing about scout is that his voice sounds almost identical to brody's friend Mikey! how ironic! eli looks so cute in these pics!

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