Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve, Zue-Zue came over to open gifts with us. Eli had lots of fun being able to pass out the gifts to all of us. He didn't know what to do with his gifts at first since they were wrapped in paper, but as soon as I showed him how to rip the paper, he seemed to really get into the spirit of opening gifts.

Zue-Zue got Eli a shape sorter just like Josh had when he was little.
Eli really liked it!

Zue-Zue didn't forget about her grand-dog either. She brought over some rawhide treats for Maggie for Christmas. Eli tentatively gave it to her. He's still a little timid around her, but is getting much more comfortable each day they spend together.

Eli did so well passing out gifts to all of us.

The cutest reindeer on Santa's team

Checking out the desk calendar he gave to Zue-Zue full of pictures of him.

Playing with his animal sounds puzzle from Zue-Zue

Before we went to bed that night, Josh, Eli and I all opened our ornaments for our tree this year and our new pajamas. I looked everywhere for a baby's 2nd Christmas ornament, but our one store that carries those ornaments was completely sold out. I had to get creative so I tried to find an ornament that would help us remember something Eli really liked/did this past year and I found the old Fisher Price Chatty Telephone ornament (the one like I had when I was a little girl). Eli LOVES the phone, so I thought this would be great.

Hanging his ornament on the tree

Eli's 2nd Christmas ornament

Baby's 1st Christmas ornament

Our family ornament for this year

Last year

What a wonderful Christmas Eve with Zue-Zue! Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!

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