Sunday, March 6, 2011

28 Months Old

Dear Eli,

You are growing up so quickly right before our very eyes. Every day with you is a treasure; one I cherish with all my heart. I love watching you grow and learn and become more of a little boy each and every day. I am so excited that I get a front row seat to watch you grow and become the man God wants you to be one day. Lately, you have had boundless energy. Where does that come from?! You are so much fun, sweetie! Your Daddy and I love spending time with you, playing with you, and talking to you. Each month just keeps getting better and better!

Physically: You're still a lightweight compared to some of your friends, but you're starting to get so tall. I haven't measured you, but all your pants are high-waters now, which means it's time to go shopping :) We weighed you the other day and you weighed around 27 lbs. You're such a skinny minny! You need 24 month or 2T pants and shirts now. You still wear a size 7 shoe. You're little face doesn't have much baby fat left on it making you look more and more like a little boy. Jumping is your favorite activity these days. You jump from any height, great or small. You're also a really good climber. In the new house, I have to keep a step ladder handy because some of the shelves are too high for your 5'5" Momma to reach. I have to make sure that I put the ladder away every time because you're definitely not against climbing it by yourself. We think you're definitely going to be right handed. Those dreams your Daddy had of you getting a full paid college scholarship for being a left-handed pitcher are gone but now more dreams and aspirations have taken their place.

Verbally: You are a chatterbox! I love listening to you talk, and conversations with you these days are so much fun. Every day I pick you up from Mrs. G's house and ask you about what you did there or what you ate, your answer is always the same. You always have great days and you always eat beans at her house, at least that's what you tell me :) "My do it myself!" and "Let my do it!" are common phrases these days around our house. You are Mr. Independent! You love to assert yourself, which is frustrating sometimes now, but it's a quality we are going to love when you get older. You still have trouble producing the correct sounds for some of your letters, but we're working on it.

Potty Training Update: You do very well for us at home and when you are at Mrs. G's house, but for some reason you are TERRIFIED of going on the potty at school. We wonder if it's because it's a teeny tiny toilet and you're used to going on the normal sized one. Let's hope you get over this fear of teeny tiny toilets though because your classroom next year has one as well. We started off giving you jellybeans as a reward for when you used the potty, then moved on to M&M's, and now we're currently using stickers. You seem to really enjoy the stickers so we'll probably keep that up. I bought some big boy underwear for you and you really enjoy wearing them. I've only put you in them 3 days so far and 2 of the 3 days you stayed dry and without an accident. I planned on using my spring break to do some intense potty training, but you and I did not have coinciding breaks this year. We still have 5 1/2 months before school starts, so I'm hoping that this summer will be the breakthrough for you.

Eating: No change. You still have good days and bad days. You are the only 2 year old I know though that loves hummus and guacamole. You spit out mac-n-cheese, but scrap your bowl clean when I serve you hummus or guacamole...go figure.

Sleeping: When we moved into the rent house, we only put your toddler bed in your room. We figured new house, new room...might as well have a new bed as well. You have done SO well with this. You are even taking naps in it! You still manage to wake up around 3-4 in the morning and make your way to our bed, but we enjoy the cuddles. You're not going to be little forever, so I'm going to enjoy these moments to their fullest! We have realized recently that you talk in your sleep. The other night you were talking about eating pizza. Your Daddy got a kick out of that one!

Games/Activities/Toys/Movies: You love painting with Momma. You can now ride your tricycle. You've actually been able to do this for awhile now, but I haven't posted any of the videos or pictures I've taken yet. You still love all sports-baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and golf. You've got a MEAN swing. Your Daddy is going to have so much fun playing with you this summer. You enjoy puzzles and you love the Shapes and Colors Quiz app I have on my iPhone. You are really adept at finding that app, too. You can work my phone better than some adults I know! You love your Toy Story friends and you sleep with Bullseye every night. You also love Curious George, The Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at this moment. You'll sit down and watch any of those shows completely entranced.

Activities We're Looking Forward to:
-Grant and Addi's first birthday parties
-Swimming lessons
-Visiting Grammy, Pop, and Uncle Caleb
-Visiting Grandpa E
-Going to the zoo!
-Watching our NEW HOUSE be built!!

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