Monday, March 21, 2011

Eli's New Incentive to Potty

Eli has been doing SO WELL with his potty training! We are all so very proud of him. He uses the potty all day long when he's at Mrs. G's house. When he gets home, I usually put him in big boy underwear until bedtime and he's been doing great at staying dry.

When he first expressed some interest in potty training, we rewarded him with jelly beans. When I finally came to my Mommy senses and realized that those were horrible for his teeth, we switched to M&M's-still candy, but at least they don't stick in his teeth. He eventually got tired of M&M's, so we switched to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey Kisses. I really wanted to move away from candy, so I found these stickers in his coloring book stash and pulled them out. I made this sticker chart (don't be jealous of my creativity-HA!) and we've been doing stickers ever since.

He's loving the stickers! Every time he goes in the potty and I pull out the stickers, he always points to the ones that are missing and says, "Dat one's gone. Dat one's gone. Dat one's gone." We have to point to every sticker that's missing before he can pick a new one.

Since I took this picture, we've added a few more to the bottom portion of the chart, which is a HUGE step in the right direction for Eli. I think he's going to be potty trained before we know it!

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Audra Laney said...

Yay Eli! That's awesome!

We originally used M&Ms, but relatives kept giving him M&Ms as gifts and treats and it made the incentive of reward die. We tried a few other things that didn't work. He was back to pooping in his diaper again after a month of not doing that. Such a disappointment! Then this past week we discovered Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. He gets 1/4 of a package if he poops in the potty...and he goes every day! Sometimes twice! This is one happy mama! Now if I could just get him to want to teetee in the potty...

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