Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Move in the Right Direction

Well, we did it. It took a full weekend working from the time the sun came up until the sun went down every night, but we finally moved everything to one of three places: the rent house, our storage room, or the street. Whew! It felt good to purge some stuff that we'd been holding onto for many years. Josh and I are so thankful for all the family and friends that helped us move. We couldn't have made this transition without you! You guys helped us out SO much!

Josh, Beaux, and Brian. We couldn't have moved without these guys!

We've been in our rent house for about a week now and we've settled into a new normal. I'm still attempting to find a place for all the stuff we didn't put in long term storage, but other than that life is still the same. We are so thankful that God found us this house, even though it's tiny, to rent while we watch our dream house being built. We just hope we don't kill each other before it's all over...just kidding! Although, Josh did refer to the house as "The Nightmare on Elm Street" at the moment. HA HA! He kills me :)

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