Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eli's 1st Trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop

Saturday night my whole family loaded up in the "Burb" (one great reason to have such a big vehicle) so we could take Eli to Build-a-Bear Workshop. This was something that I had wanted him to be able to do for a while, but I was waiting until I knew he was old enough to really enjoy the experience. Grammy and Pop had been wanting to do this with him, too, so it worked out kind of perfect that we did it this weekend.

The Louisiana Boardwalk is one of my favorite places to go to when I visit my parents. I love the atmosphere down there, the cool breeze coming off the river, the cleanliness, the stores. It's a great place to take the family. We made it to Build-a-Bear Workshop, and Eli immediately started scoping out the place.

On our way to the store, we all talked with Eli and explained what he was going to do when we got there. We asked him what kind of animal he was going to make and he said a bear. Then he told us that he wanted it to be a blue bear. I knew that there would be tons of choices once we got there, so I wanted to have something in mind to make that decision process a little easier. We held Eli up to see all the different animals he could make-monkeys, bears, dogs, cats, and so many more-and well, you see what he chose. There was no changing his mind either. So for Eli's first Build-a-Bear experience he chose to make a blue bear.

Next up was choosing a sound to go in his bear's paw. I think the grown-ups had more fun pushing the buttons than Eli did. We had to remind Uncle Caleb several times that this bear was not for him ;)

We moved on to the stuffing station and Eli chose a heart to put in his bear.

Then it was time to stuff his bear full of fluff. Eli loved being able to help out with this part by stepping on the foot pedal to shoot stuffing into his bear.

Eli gave his bear a squeeze to make sure there was enough fluff in him.

Then he kissed the heart and put it in his bear's body. His bear was now complete!

Before we picked out any clothes for him, Eli knew he needed to give his bear a bath. That was the longest fake bath I've ever seen. That bear must have been very dirty.

Uncle Caleb earned some major cool points when he started to help dress the bear. I think this is him telling me to quit taking pictures of him ;)

Eli LOVED his bear. We asked him what the bear's name was and he immediately said, "Blue!" Thinking that he had gotten confused about the question we asked him, I asked him again what his bear's name was and he replied with the same answer. So without further ado, I present Eli and Blue Bear :)

I love this next picture of Eli with my parents. He loved being able to do this! Thanks Grammy and Pop for letting Eli get to build his special friend!

Once Blue Bear was dressed and ready to take home, Grammy and Eli sat down to make Blue Bear's birth certificate. Eli loved getting to help Grammy with this.

Blue Bear was packed safe and sound into his home and given to Eli.

Eli's words, as soon as he got Blue Bear, were "Otay, I gotta go now!" He then turned and started to walk out of the store dragging Blue Bear behind him the entire way :)

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