Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Time with Grammy and Pop

As a conclusion to our spring break, Eli and I traveled to see Grammy and Pop Friday morning. We made great time and even had a change to stop by my favorite store...Target. In honor of this wonderful store, here's a poem :)

Oh, Target, how I miss thee.
I wish thou were closer to me.

It's probably for the bestest (yes, I know that's not a word)
Even with all your cute dresses

Because I'd spend all my money
And upset my dear, sweet honey.

I found some cute things (could have found TONS more), and then we went to Newk's for lunch with Grammy and Pop. Newk's is my favorite restaurant to go to for lunch when we visit Grammy and Pop. Their lobster and crab bisque is SOOOO good!

After our lunch, Grammy, Eli and I went to a new place that just opened in their area called Geauxsicles. The owner, Erin Johnson, and I were childhood friends. We went to school together from about 3rd grade through 12th grade but parted ways after high school. Her younger brother, Drew, and I recently found each other via Facebook, and I discovered that their family had opened this gourmet popsicle store. Erin is the creative genius behind the idea, but their entire family has had some part in making it successful. If you're in the Shreveport/Bossier area, go stop by and see them! They have flavors like Cookie Mac-ster, Parisian Pink, Java Pop, and so many more. Drew was there when we stopped by, and he and I had a great time catching up on each other's lives. I had hoped to see Erin, but she wasn't there. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite places to go now when we come visit, so hopefully we'll see her next time. Eli really enjoyed his pop-pop, but he enjoyed running back and forth across the store even more. Thanks to Drew for letting him do that :)

We made a quick stop by Old Navy, and then finally headed home. Eli actually fell asleep on Grammy's shoulder in Old Navy and stayed asleep until we were almost home. Luckily in an area like this getting home takes about 45 minutes, so he actually was able to get a good nap in. We made it to Grammy and Pop's house and Eli was ready to go exploring!

The first thing he and Grammy did, before they even went into the house, was catch a butterfly! We bought this net in the dollar section at Target and he tried to catch butterflies in the store making all the employees and shoppers smile and laugh. I'm glad he was actually able to catch a REAL butterfly with Grammy!

We went exploring outside with Grammy, and Eli got to just be a boy. He ran, jumped, got dirty, laughed, and had so much fun being outside. Momma's allergies (love spring, hate pollen) forced everyone inside, but Eli and Grammy were able to find more fun stuff to do. They played with Play-doh and had fun cutting out different shapes with cookie cutters.

Pop came home from work and brought Eli a surprise...a bubble maker! Eli and Pop had fun blowing bubbles, especially at Amos. He liked to catch the bubbles in his mouth...silly dog. We all ate a yummy chicken pot pie, and then it was time for Eli's bath. Pop gave Eli his bath and all you could hear coming from the bathroom were silly noises and Eli's cackling laugh. It was music to my ears. I love that my little boy LOVES his Grammy and Pop.

After this busy day, sleep was not a problem for any of us. We all crashed ready for some more fun the next day!

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