Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fish Fry with the Hargons

Last weekend, our friends the Hargon's called and invited us over to their house for a fish fry. Josh and I had just been talking about how good fish sounded, so we couldn't wait!

We told Eli that he was going to get to play with Hannah, and he couldn't wait to see his friend. If you don't read the blog much, Eli and Hannah are two months apart. They go to the same school, are in the same class, go to the same church, and are going to get married one day :) Well, if Diane and I had our way, they would.

We got to their house and Eli immediately fell in love with the pink Barbie four wheeler. Daddy wasn't so impressed with the color, but what can you expect when you're at a girl's house?

I think when we make the move to the next house, this is something we're going to have to get him. He LOVED it and it was so easy for him to drive. (Note: It was easy for him to drive, but getting him to pay attention when he was driving was a completely different issue!) He went around their yard at least 100 times that night! He started off slow, but then he got really serious and put it in high gear and took off! His driving skills aren't quite developed, but he only hit the swing set three times and a tree once...perfectly normal for a first time driver, right?

While Eli was pretending to be in the X-games, Josh and Ty, a buddy of his and Josh Hargon's, decided to play a game of baseball against Ty's son and nephew.

All I can say about the next picture is that Landry is a chip off the ol' block according to people who knew Ty growing up :) He and Ty didn't always see eye to eye about some of the calls that were made regarding Landry's pitches. It was definitely funny to watch though :)

Ty and Josh realized quickly that they better let the boys have their own fun, but they did enjoy getting to relive the "glory days" for a little while. While the boys were having their fun playing baseball, the little ones were having their own fun on the trampoline. Eli loved bouncing and falling down and bouncing and falling down.

Marlie is Hannah's big sister and she is such a WONDERFUL big sister. She was jumping on the trampoline, too, but she made sure to keep an eye on Hannah and Eli. She was the first to help if they fell.

Josh Hargon was our Master Fish Fryer this night. When I asked my Josh who caught the fish we were going to eat, he said "Wal-mart." Josh Hargon likes to fry tilapia he buys from Wal-Mart. Josh and I had never thought about doing that before, so we were curious to see how it tasted compared to white perch, catfish, or bream. To give you a clue about what we thought about fried tilapia, let me just say that Eli inhaled 2 strips of fish within minutes. He loved it and so did we!
Good job, Josh!

When you have a blog, everyone is always willing to indulge you with a photograph. The three guys were no exception. Josh, Ty, and Josh used to hang out together a lot, but then Ty and his wife, Courtney, found jobs somewhere else and they had to move. We love being able to hang out with them whenever they come back to visit.

Eli and Hannah are just too cute for words. I love that my little boy gets to have so many wonderful friends as grows up.

Josh Hargon has an older son named Joshua. While we were in the backyard playing and having fun, he and some of his friends were out riding four wheelers. Before Diane and I took the little ones inside for the night, Joshua and his friend ran into the yard looking like this...

And that folks is what happens when your four wheeler gets stuck and your friend has you get in the back to help push it out. All I can say is I'm glad those boys weren't staying at my house that night ;)

All in all, it was such a wonderful night with our friends. Thanks, Josh and Diane, for the wonderful food. I guess it's our turn next :)

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