Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day in the Country

Saturday morning we all woke up a little late, well, if you call 7:30 late that is. This is yet another sign that I'm slowly turning into an old person; if I sleep past 6:30, I begin to think half my day has been wasted. It's not a perfect Saturday without Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so that was our first priority of the day.

Pop had to go to work for a conference call, and Eli gave him a huge hug before he left. Eli and Pop are pretty tight :) I love being able to watch a bond form between them. I'm so thankful that Eli has such wonderful grandparents on BOTH sides in his little life...all the more people to love and care for him!

Grammy and I had hair appointments, so we really didn't anything around the house until we left for our appointments. Eli did discover his favorite red boots though and promptly put those on. He stomped around the house in those boots until we left.

After our haircuts and lunch with Pop, we came home and Eli and Pop tried out the new bubble maker Pop bought Eli. Blowing bubbles with Pop is one of Eli's favorite activities. It really became fun though when we all discovered that Amos, one of Grammy and Pop's dogs, liked to run and try to eat all the bubbles. Talk about a show!

When you live out in the country like Grammy and Pop, it's always fun to go for walks in the woods. Eli especially loved being able to roam free and getting to explore anything he wanted.

The only thing that could make a walk in the woods even more fun is if that walk turns into a game of hide-and-go-seek. Eli had quite a knack for picking the absolute skinniest trees to hide behind. Luckily for him, Pop was a good sport and played along ;)

On our way back to the house, Eli discovered a mud puddle that warranted him stripping down to just his shirt so he could play in it. I love watching him get to be just a boy.

When we got back to the house, Eli surprised us all and decided to go on the potty and take care of some business, if you know what I mean. Until this day, he'd been only doing this particular function in his diaper and was scared to go on the big potty. I have no clue why either. Regardless, we were SO HAPPY and SO PROUD of him! Grammy gave him this CARS container as a treat to hold all his cars, and Eli thought that was just grand! I hope this is something he continues to do for us when he gets home!

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