Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eli's Vacation with Grammy and Pop

While we were in Texas, Eli spent some time with my parents. To say he had a blast would be an understatement. He had so much fun with them and I know they did too! These are some pictures my mom took while he was with them. As you'll be able to tell, they've turned their house into a kiddie paradise! 

Drawing on the Melissa and Doug art easel they bought for him.
He loves to paint and draw like Momma!

Kailey left a special gift for Eli. Crayola Wonder markers!

Helping Pop clean the pool. Notice the HUGE pliers in his hand?

Mom and Dad bought him a sand table AND a water table!

Watching Veggie Tales with Pop

The sand table they bought wasn't big enough for Eli, so my dad built Eli a custom sandbox. 
Eli LOVED it!

Time to work on the pool again. This time the ladder needed fixing.

Finally, the pool was ready! It was time to swim!

He ALWAYS has his glasses!

Friday morning he did a little painting while he watched Monsters, Inc.

After the meltdown phone call I received from him, they went to Target.
He and Pop found some hats they liked.

Playing in the sandbox again.

He and Pop needed to add more sand. 

There's nothing like swimming in your undies!

All that playing can wear two boys out!
I think I used to sleep like this when I was a little girl :)

Saturday night Eli had a friend, Maddox, come over.
Maddox is my high school friend's little boy. 
Maddox and his grandma, my mom's friend, Lisa, came over for a playdate!

They had lots of fun!

Eli and Grammy :)

Eli's custom decorated toy box. 

One last swim before going back home.

Thanks, Grammy and Pop, for watching Eli for us while we were away. He LOVED LOVED LOVED being with you guys. I'm so glad you got to spend time with him and that he got to spend time with you guys. We'll see you soon! 

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Penny said...

Wow! Best grandparents EVER! :) Besides, you, Zue-Zue! :) Very blessed little boy!

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