Friday, June 17, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

Our house is coming along so quickly! While we were in Texas, they started wrapping the exterior with the insulation and installing the windows. We took these as soon as we got back in town from our vacation. We couldn't wait to see what they had done!

Sunday, June 12th:

The air conditioner guys had been to the house while we were gone and started running all the duct work for our air. 

Monday, June 13th:

They wrapped more of the exterior with insulation and finished installing all the windows. Well, except for one on the second floor...somehow we were one window short.

The electricians came and wired the house for all our lights. We've decided to do the recessed lighting in most of the rooms. It's just so easy and looks so clean. We'll have ceiling fans with lights in all the bedrooms and the living room, but the recessed lights will be everywhere else.

Tuesday, June 14th:

The electricians finished pulling all the wires and connecting them to the boxes, so they are finished until after we do sheetrock. 

Wednesday, June 15th:

Our exterior doors, not including our front door, were delivered.

The air conditioner guys finished laying out all the duct work.

Our floors were swept clean! No more wood scraps, wood shavings, and other stuff littering the floor.

They poured the slab for the mud room. This will be walled up eventually. I'm going to LOVE having this space!

They prepped the back patio for concrete.

They installed the pull down ladder in the garage. We are going to have TONS of storage space. I'm so thankful for that!!

Thursday, June 16th:

They poured the concrete for the back patio. I can't wait to furnish this space with my outdoor patio furniture. I know we are going to be out here a lot! The plumbing store delivered the tubs and the plumber began installing them. 

Friday, June 17th:

They enclosed the mud room. Now I can begin to plan on how I want to organize this space!

They prepped the ground to pour concrete for the driveway next week.

They started to lay the floor above the garage. I'm so glad that we chose to deck above the garage. We're going to have lots of storage space for all our stuff.

I can't wait to see what changes happen next week! It's all happening so quickly and I LOVE IT! Next for me is picking out paint colors...ugh! Not my strongpoint, but I've enlisted the help of a good friend and designing is her niche. Hopefully, it won't take me too long to decide which colors I like!

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Dezeray Jule said...

very excited for you! your home looks like its going to be beautiful!

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