Saturday, June 18, 2011

Texas Getaway-Shop 'Til You Drop!

Our next few days in Dallas were spent golfing, eating, shopping, and relaxing. Josh met a buddy and played at a really nice golf course called the Tour 18. They took all the famous golf holes from the pro tour and recreated them at this golf course. He said it was really nice and they had a lot of fun. While he did that, I read some of the books on my summer reading list (Nerd Quality #1) and played around on the computer (Nerd Quality #2).  Once Josh got back from golf, we headed to Southlake, Texas, to go eat at the best eating establishment ever developed, according to my husband that is, Five Guys.

Southlake had a wonderful shopping center so we went to a few stores and looked around. I was excited to find The Container Store. It's an organizers heaven! They had everything you could ever think of to help you organize your house, office, classroom, dorm room, etc. I was able to get lots of ideas for what I want to do in the new house to make it really organized. Seeing all these plastic hangers made me so happy...a rainbow of organization (Nerd Quality #3). 

After we rested for a little bit back at Ed's house, we went to see the new movie, Super 8. I'm a sci-fi lover, so I really liked it, but if you're not into sci-fi then it's not for you. During the movie, I got a phone call from my Dad and I answered it really quickly because I thought something had happened to Eli (worrywart much?). It turns out Eli was having a "I need my Mommy" moment and wanted to talk to me. I got to talk to him and through the sobs I was able to figure out he was saying, "Momma, I neeeed you!" Talk about break a Momma's heart! If it had just been me, I'd have left the movie and driven straight to Grammy and Pop's to get him. Josh, being the more rational one, assured me he was fine and I settled down. Sure enough, five minutes later I got a video from my mom of Eli sitting in the shopping cart at Target telling me he was okay. Whew! I was very relieved to see that video! After some shopping at Grapevine Mills Mall, Josh and I made it back to Ed's. It'd been a long, but very busy day. I'd had so much fun being with my honey :)

Saturday was spent shopping, shopping, shopping. We started our day off with a Boba tea. I'd seen tons of these stores all around the Dallas area and being the curious one that I am, I told Josh we needed to try one. It was definitely different!  I don't think it's something I would ever get on a daily basis, but once in a while it'd be a nice treat. After our Boba Tea, we went to the Galleria and started our shopping spree. I love retail therapy, not that I needed any therapy, but it was fun to be able to look and shop without having to worry about nap times. 

Me with my Boba Tea

Josh showing the "black pearls" as they were called (tapioca balls).

Josh and I went to one store in the Galleria called Teavana and met the best saleslady in the world. This girl was a shark and before I even knew what was happening we had purchased not only some tea, but a little teapot, too! I'd only gone in for the free samples she was giving out and then I became a buyer. I couldn't believe it! We have enjoyed the tea since we've been back, so it's not a total loss, but I still can't believe we got taken like that!

After another round of shopping at Kohl's where we racked up on some clothes we headed back to Ed's. The idea was to do a progressive dinner (You eat an appetizer at one restaurant, a meal at another, and a dessert at another.) that night, but after all our shopping we just weren't in the mood for it anymore. We settled for a nice local Greek restaurant where I enjoyed some fabulous lamb chops. Mmm, mmm, mmm! After our meal, we headed home and both fell asleep within minutes! We're great party people, I know!

Yummy lamb chops

Delicious red snapper

The only picture we took of ourselves the entire trip :)

Sunday, we met Josh's brother, Ian, for a quick lunch and then headed home. We had thoroughly enjoyed our time together. It was a much needed couple's vacation and I'm glad we took it, but we were both ready to go see our little boy! 

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