Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Little Boys

Eli and I are always looking for a fun play date during the summer and last week we got to visit some wonderful friends. My friend, Sarah, and her boys, Clayton and Cooper, invited us over to their house to swim and play for a couple of hours. These three boys are stair steps of each other so it's always fun to watch them play together. Clayton is almost 4, Eli is almost 3, and Cooper is almost 2. They all had lots of fun playing outside and in the pool. Eli especially loved riding around in their John Deer Gator. I'm thinking one of these is a must when we move to the new house. 

The "teachable moment" of the day happened when the boys discovered a katydid on the windshield of the Gator. I'd never seen one up close before, so I was very interested in watching it crawl around. The boys pretty much just wanted it off the Gator so they could drive without it crawling all over the windshield!

After the poor katydid had gotten a tour of the entire backyard from the windshield of the Gator, I found a stick and released it to a tree in Sarah's yard. It crawled away really quickly so it must have been grateful to get away :)

The boys played on the Gator for a few more minutes, then started playing a little baseball. When it got too hot to be outside in the sun anymore, they went under the garage and got to pet Fluffy the rabbit. I had to remind Cooper and Eli to pat Fluffy gently quite a few times...poor Fluffy is all I have to say.

After all that riding around the Gator was very dirty and need a car wash. Clayton didn't have any problem with that! Eli and Cooper supervised and after a few minutes (quickest car wash in town!) Clayton was finished. After a yummy lunch, Eli and I loaded up and went home. It had been a very busy day, but it was a great day spent with friends. We can't wait to go back!

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Anonymous said...

Summer fun! Three very cute little boys.

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