Friday, June 17, 2011

Texas Getaway-Six Flags

Last Wednesday, Josh and I left for a couple's getaway. We didn't go far and we didn't do anything elaborate; we just had fun being with each other. Don't get me wrong, I love taking family vacations which include the kids, but sometimes you just need to remember what it felt like when it was just you and your husband. That's what this trip was all about :)

Our first stop was at Six Flags over Texas. We hadn't been to an amusement park in at least ten years. In fact, the last amusement park we visited was this one right before we got married (I think...). We took Josh's brother, Ian, with us one day while we were there visiting their dad. There are only a few things I remember about this particular visit: 1) It was really hot (not that big of a surprise because it's always hot in the south). 2) The "big" rides were Batman Forever, Mr. Freeze, and the Titan and we rode them multiple times. 3) Because we rode all the aforementioned rides multiple times I turned a nice shade of green and had to leave the park early. That was the beginning of my ongoing battle with motion sickness...ugh!

Fast forward ten years and we were at Six Flags again. Now that we were going back to this same park where my motion sickness started, Josh and I developed a game plan. We wanted to ride all the big rides first that way if I got sick we'd have ridden everything cool at the park and it wouldn't be a total loss. I also suggested that we try to balance big thrill rides with low key semi-thrill rides, like water rides for example. Armed with our plan we set off for our first ride of the day.

Ride #1 was the La Vibora which combined bobsledding with a roller coaster. It wasn't that bad. I didn't throw up, but I did realize that bobsledding is not for me. I just couldn't get past the mental image of the bobsled flipping over and decapitating our heads. Gross, I know, but it's all I thought about throughout the entire ride.

Ride #2 was the one I dreaded...the Titan. I was pretty sure this was the ride that pushed me over the edge ten years ago. The wait wasn't that long and before I knew it we were strapped in and ascending 25 1/2 stories into the air...The Titan is hands down the best roller coaster I've ever ridden. The first drop, is 255 ft. and you think you're going to die because you descend into a 120 ft. tunnel and it looks like your head is going to be decapitated (seems to be the running theme with me and roller coasters...). After that death defying drop it takes you on a series of turns called helix turns where riders have reported feeling up to 4.5 G's causing them to black out. I'm happy to report that I survived the roller coaster, but I now have first hand experience with blacking out because it happened twice to me on this ride during those helix turns. What a rush! I was surprised that I was able to walk when this ride was over. I now know that a career in the air force would never have worked out for me...haha!

After this insane ride, I knew that my body needed time to recuperate so we settled in for a nice relaxing log ride :) It was just what the doctor ordered, but it didn't last very long at all. Before I knew it we were in line again for another thrill ride.

Ride # 3 was the all new Texas Giant. It used to be a wooden roller coaster, but now they've taken away the wooden track and made it out of steel. It's scarier than it used to be and left both of us feeling a little weak in the knees. There were turns and twists on that coaster that just did not make any sense in my mind. I was so thankful that I returned to the station in one piece!

By 1 o'clock tiredness was setting in and I knew that I probably wasn't going to last much longer. We did the Superman ride where it shoots you 20 stories into the air at lightning speed and then drops you back down. I lost my stomach somewhere on the way up and didn't find it for a long time after that ride. Normally, I'm not a screamer but I did let loose some high shrills on this one!

Ride #5 was Mr. Freeze, a ride where you go 0-70 in less than four seconds. I don't remember much about this ride because I kept my eyes closed most of the time, but it did jog my memory and help me remember what prompted me to get sick 10 years ago...doing this insane ride two times in a row! This time once was plenty for me!

Our last ride of the day was the Flashback. Now in all my years of frequenting Six Flags over Texas the Flashback had ALWAYS been broken down and I never got the chance to ride it. It just so happens that every time Josh went to Six Flags the Flashback was broken and he never got the change to ride it. I'd always heard that it was a cool ride and it was finally in working order, so off we went! (Of course, in hindsight, why would we want to ride something that had always been broken?) A few minutes later and our Six Flags vacation was over. The Flashback killed us. We did six 100 ft. loops in 3 minutes
(three forward loops and three backward loops) and it completely wiped us out. I was sick to my stomach, my head was pounding, and my legs felt like they were made of steel. I quickly found a Lemon Chill stand for some frozen icee therapy and we made our way out of the park.

Our day acting like teenagers was lots of fun. We had a blast doing all these fun rides together, but at the end of the day, we were POOPED! We know that in a couple of years Eli will be old enough to enjoy the rides in the kids part of Six Flags. While we fully intend on taking him so he can enjoy his first amusement park when we visit Grandpa E, I've decided that until then there will be no more thrill rides for this girl. I've gotta save my energy over the next two years so that when the time comes I can be the "cool mom" and ride all the rides with my little man :)

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