Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

It's time for another update! Things are moving along so quickly that sometimes I could literally post an update every day, but I'm trying to save pictures so I can just do one long post every week. Last week, our builders started and finished our driveway. 

Because of the size tub we had, they have to build a shelf around it so they could place the fixtures. It was a slight hiccup in the plans, but thankfully one that was easily fixed!

The AC people had to build a special shelf so the ventilation would be hidden in Josh's "Man Cave" room. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and have already started making plans for window seat cushions to line the entire thing :)

The brick man came out and marked off all the areas where the brick is going to be. These are eventually going to be our front steps.

It rained a couple of days last week, so pouring the concrete for the driveway was delayed a day or so, but it worked out okay since they did it in stages.

Josh and I are so excited about our mudroom. I can't tell you how many "inspiration" pictures I've found on the internet. We are both excited about this space and how it's going to hopefully-fingers crossed-keep us organized.

Towards the end of the week they finished the driveway. Eli and I went by to celebrate! Now he's going to be able to ride his bike a long way.

Saturday Josh and I traveled to Miskelly, a furniture store in Jackson, MS. Since we sold all our furniture with our old house, we needed to look at everything! Our trip was very successful and we were able to purchase several items we're going to need for our main living space. We still need some more furniture, but we can get that over the next few months.

Our entertainment center for the living room

My accent chair for the living room

Loveseat for the living room

Couch for the living room

End table for the living room

 Fabric inspiration for our bedroom

 Breakfast table for the kitchen

 We loved the ridges on it.

Daddy's chair :)

Next week they are finishing up just a few details on the inside. Then hopefully by the end of the week the insulation man is going to be there and the brick guy is going to start on his job as well. I can't wait to see how it's going to look once the brick starts going up!

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