Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Projects: Homemade Playdough

This summer I've made it my mission to find fun stuff for Eli and me to do while we're at home. Where we live it's scorching during the daylight hours, so unless you're in water, being outside is just too miserable. If we venture out of the house to do something outside, we try to do it as soon as we wake up and we stay in the shade. It's the only way to beat the summer heat. We do go to the pool a lot, but I know Eli wants to do other stuff sometimes. I recently joined Pinterest (LOVE it by the way!) and I found some really cute ideas of how to make fun kids stuff at home. 

Our first project was homemade playdough. I found the instructions on how to make it here. The directions were easy and the only thing I changed was I divided my cooked dough into four separate bowls and then added the color. (Note: Use a spoon to mix in the food coloring, and not your hands. Yes, I don't know what I was thinking. I looked like a blue/green/yellow/purple martian the rest of the day!)

Eli loved the playdough and couldn't wait to play with it. I loved it because I made it using ingredients I already had at home, so I didn't have to pay for something new! Plus, our playdough looked and felt just like the store bought kind. It was a winner!

He really didn't want to stop and take a picture if you can tell. 
All he wanted to do was start playing with the playdough.

We'll add some more colors to our collection the next time we make it. 
These were the colors Eli chose for this first project.

I got out all my cookie cutters and we had fun cutting our different shapes. 
We made a sneaky snake and lots of other creatures with our playdough.

Our playdough ended up making the perfect road for Eli's cars.
He kept singing "Life Is a Highway" as he rolled "Mack" on the road.

Our playdough is tucked safely away in Ziploc storage containers right now until we get it out again. I'm so glad I can do fun projects like this with my little one. Being a mommy is such fun!

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