Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Day of Kid's Day Out Program

This summer Eli's preschool offered a Kids' Day Out program for all the kids that were in their preschool program last year. I thought it would be a great opportunity for Eli, so Josh and I signed him up. He would be able to play with his same friends from school and it would also help keep him on a schedule. He went three days a week for about three hours a day and he LOVED it! When I went there each day to pick him up, it was incredibly hard to get him to leave. He always wanted to stay and play some more. I loved that because it meant he was really having a great time. 

This was my baby when he started his preschool last fall. One week in the fall, his class was learning about insects and when Josh picked him up from school that day he was dressed like this. Isn't he just the cutest? They've had these pictures on a bulletin board all year, so on Eli's last day this summer I grabbed it :) I couldn't leave such a precious picture there.

This is my baby after a full year in toddler preschool. He grew so much! He's such a little boy now and not a baby at all. He's lost some of that baby fat around his face and he's getting to be so tall. I love his little personality. He says and does the funniest things and has energy for days! He is one of the happiest kids I know! I had him go to the front of the school when I picked him up so I could take a few last pictures of him at his school. As you can tell, he was in a GREAT mood!

To celebrate his last day of school, we went to McDonald's and enjoyed a couple of Happy Meals. Eli managed to eat two chicken nuggets before he went to play in the Play Place. He had a ball there and it was incredibly hard getting him to leave. He did everything he could to stay a little longer including asking to go see the statue of Ronald McDonald and sitting in his lap. I guess he knew I wanted a picture anyway :)

It's hard to believe that this fall my baby little boy will start Pre-K for three year olds. We are busy getting school supplies and uniforms together for the fall. I know he's going to do so well and learn so much. It's just hard to believe time has gone by so quickly. I'm looking forward to this next chapter in his little life. I can't wait to see how much he grows and develops over the coming school year. 

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kim said...

he is wayy cute! :)

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