Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

For our Fourth of July, we traveled down south a couple of hours to spend the day with my brother, Josh, and his wife, Andrea. We thought it would be a good day to see the new CARS 2 movie and to look at things for the new house. 

We got to the theater a little early, so Josh and Eli tested their driving skills on one of the games in the lobby. I sure hope Eli becomes a better driver when he's older because telephone poles, trees, and other vehicles don't stand a chance otherwise :)

Josh and Andrea met us at the theater and we found our seats for the movie. Here's my review for whatever it's worth...The Toy Story short film at the beginning of the movie was great and had Eli begging for more. It was good to see those characters again :) Once the CARS movie started Eli and I settled in for an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, our adventure ended about the same time the popcorn ran out. This particular Cars movie just didn't do it for our family. It was geared towards a much older audience with all the lengthy dialogues, bombs, and guns. Eli paid attention when there was racing, but it was hard to keep him focused during all the dialogue. He normally will sit transfixed during any Disney/Pixar production, but this one just didn't do it for him. I think if he was older he might have liked it better, but as it was, all he wanted to do was watch his two favorite cars race and have fun and there wasn't quite enough of that. Oh well! We still had fun, but Josh and I were very thankful when the movie ended because we were tired of trying to keep Eli entertained and in his seat.

After the movie, we walked across the street to eat at The California Pizza Kitchen. It was nice getting to visit and catch up with my brother and sis-in-law. Eli loved feeding bits of pizza crust to the little birdies that were nearby our table.

Think, think, think....

Looking for the little birds

I love this kid!

Before we left, we took a couple of pictures in front of the fountain. It was lots of fun getting to spend the day with family. I'm so thankful that even though we live away from each other, we're still close enough that we can still make day visits to see one another. 

Happy Fourth of July!

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