Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hangin' Out at the Ball Park

Our friends the Hargon's invited us out to the ball park last week to watch their son, Joshua's, baseball game. His team was in the play-offs for his division and it sounded like it was going to be a great game. We packed up and headed to the ball fields. When we got there, it was still blazing hot. UGH! Nothing like summer in the deep south. 

That didn't stop Eli, Hannah, and Marlie from playing and running around though! They all had a blast running around in the grass, playing in the back of Josh's truck, racing, jumping, climbing, and keeping their parents busy. Eli, of course, had to wear his shades at all times. I've never met a kid who loves sunglasses as much as he does. Aren't these blue ones so cute? I found them at Forever21 for $1.50! I knew he'd love them because they were blue.

Look at how big our babies have gotten!

Such a happy couple :)


All three kiddos

Once the sun started to set, we let the kids down so they could race each other. Look at how much fun they had! Marlie won every time, but Eli and Hannah gave it their all every time!

I love their expressions!

Unfortunately for us, the game that was before Joshua's went an hour and a half over, so we were only able to watch a couple of innings of Joshua's game. Eli was running on fumes and needed to get home, so around 9:30 we packed up and headed home. What's crazy to think about is that in a couple of years I'm going to be attending MY little boy's t-ball games!! Goodness! Where does the time go??

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