Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Projects: Edible Finger Paint

While I was on Pinterest one day (it's SO addicting!!! Let me know if you want to join and I'll send you an invite!) I found a "pin" someone had posted showing how to make edible finger paint from the website After looking at the ingredients needed-corn starch (that miracle ingredient!), water, and food coloring-Eli and I began the process of making it.

It didn't take long at all and before we knew it we had our very own finger paint. Now this is the point where I'd LOVE to tell you how much fun we had, how we painted for hours and hours, and how my child cried because he didn't want to stop painting. That wasn't exactly how things went however...

Eli dipped his finger in the paint and immediately made a grossed out face and could not wait to get that stuff off his fingers. The kid hates getting anything on his hands or feet. I guess the texture felt funny to him. He wasn't tired of painting, but he definitely wanted to switch from using his hands to using a brush.

I, however, had no problem getting icky and enjoyed painting using our new finger paints.

Eli tried using a brush, but the finger paint was really too think for it to spread easily. He went and found his other paint and used that instead.

Meanwhile, the artsy fartsy momma in me came out and I kept creating lots of pictures.

I quickly realized I had a teachable moment on my hands, so I convinced Eli to try painting again encouraging him to get just a little glob on his fingers so it wouldn't be so bad.

I had Eli paint a circle of each of the primary colors-red, blue, and yellow. Then I put a small glob of red and blue next to each other, a small glob of red and yellow next to each other, and a small glob of blue and yellow next to each other. Eli and I mixed them together and we "discovered" the secondary colors-purple, orange, and green.

We posted our poster on the refrigerator and labeled it. This would be a great activity to do with my students at school. They all know their colors, but I think it would fun for them to see how two colors can make another color. 

Another fun summer project completed! I love finding new ideas and trying them out with my little boy. Summer is so much fun!

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