Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Projects: Sidewalk Paint

Last week, I thought I'd try out another fun summer activity with Eli. We created our own sidewalk paint! I wish I could claim credit for this great idea, but, alas, I can't. This idea came from The Idea Room's blog and it's super easy to do! One thing I've discovered this summer is that corn starch is a magical component for so many homemade recipes I've been doing lately and this one was no exception. I'm going to have to buy that stuff in bulk!

Eli helped me mix up three colors and outside we went to decorate our sidewalk with paint. One of the tips The Idea Room shared was to use cheap paint brushes rather than foam brushes. They held up really well and we'll be able to use them over and over again.

Eli helping me paint a rainbow. 
I attempted to get him to sing his rainbow song, but he wouldn't do it. 
Don't worry, I'll keep trying because it is PRECIOUS!

Eli mostly painted with the blue paint (his favorite color).

As you can see, I really enjoyed painting :)

We stopped for a quick pop-pop break. 
We made these rainbow pops earlier in the summer and we love them!
Also not my idea, but very easy to re-create!

After our pop-pop break, I painted a race track for Eli so he could play with his cars on it. He loved it!

My sweet Maggie. She's starting to get really white around her face :)

Eli with his pop-pop mouth :)
Love this sweet boy so much!

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