Monday, July 11, 2011

Conversations with Eli

Eli is getting to be a regular chatterbox these days and I love having little mini-conversations with him. I love getting a peek at what's going on in that little brain of his :) Whenever we drive around town, I usually have the radio off so Eli and I can talk about things we see, things we're going to do, and lots of other stuff. A couple of weeks ago, while we were driving through town during errands, Eli and I started talking about babies and him one day (keyword here, people, being "one day") becoming a big brother.

Me: Eli, would you like a baby boy or a baby girl?
Eli: A baby guhl.
Me: A girl? Really? What would you like her name to be?
Eli: Sosie! (Sophie)
Me: Aww, that's sweet. I like that name too. What would you name a little boy?
Eli: Bay-den! (Brayden)
Me: I like that too, Eli. Well, maybe one day, God will put another baby in my tummy and you can be a big brother. We'll just have to keep praying for that to happen. Mommy would love to have another baby in my tummy like you were in my tummy.
Eli: {Questioning and confused look on his face} eat me????

Makes perfect sense to me, too, buddy :)


Baylee's Mommy said...

I love it....made me laugh!!

The Glenn Gang said...

Possibly, my favorite Eli story yet!

Dezeray Jule said...


Penny said...

Awww! Takes "I could just eat you up," to a whole new level. lol I actually told Leon that the other day (about eating him up). He looked a little concerned and said, "No, don't eat me." I LOVE the literal mind of toddlers/pre-schoolers. :)

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